Taking Care Of Our Youth

I think no matter what we do, we have to make sure we are doing our best for the kids Of Washington County. From giving them accessible and well funded schools to supporting after school and summer programs. We must do our duty to give them the best platform to grow and prosper. 

No One Goes Unheard

No one wants to feel like they are  never being heard, however that is what a lot of folks feel like is happening.  Now, whether or not its the reality or its the perception, this is something that has to be worked on. The Chair of the board has to be more accessible, more responsive and  overall more committed to listening to the people they represent.  If that means taking extra time to go out to areas and meeting with groups of individuals  at a time that is more convenient for them , let it be. But in Washington county no one should go unheard.

Child Care/ Helping out parents

We must do our best to help out working families afford basic child care. Accessible child care can help parents get back to work and avoiding any lost incomes because of lack of a baby sitter.

Affordable Housing/Living Wages

With rent prices increasing and a growing population, the board has to find ways of staying ahead of the housing crisis and adding more units to the market. I believe that we must work with state government and developers to make this a reality. However more units is not the only solution to this issue, currently 1/3 of job salaries in Washington county do not support an individual to live on their own. Going forward when thinking about affordable housing we must also think about living wages. 


  • Aggressively fight for tenant rights.
  • Incentivize  businesses that promote living wages.
  • Promote Stability.