Statewide Latino Outreach

Manijeh Mehrnoosh

Local Activist

Mariam Rija


Dana carstensen

Candidate for Metro

Gabe Mendez

Local  activist 

Michelle Hy

Local professional

Rosa Colquitt

Former Washco Dems 


Ashley Bardales

Mother and professional

A good campaign is run and supported by a collage of individuals who believe in the message of the candidate. I am honored to have the backing of so many  and I am proud of the  coalition that we have made.Every name here is not just signatures of support but a story that makes up the history and future of Washington County. I will do my supporters proud and remember who I do this for. To add your name click here.

Alicia Hughes

Local citizen

Ellie Mclean

Local citizen

Kara Hosty

Local citizen

Ashley Bardales
Mother and professional

Jolene Guptill
Local  advocate

Glynford  hynson
Father and professional

Yumi Lee

Brittany Redifer

Jesse  Morphet-brown
Father and local professional

Persia Jean Love
local Citizen

David carlson
Local Citizen and Activist

Sal Castañeda Jr.
Local father and professional

Cierra Copeland
Local mother and citizen