Oregon born

Shabba Woodley has worn many hats during his residency in Washington County: a surrogate father to his younger brother, a local poet, employee, tenant, board member of the League of Minority Voters, and a state delegate for the Democratic party of Oregon. Now in 2018 he seeks to be Chair of the Washington County Board of Commissioners. Shabba is running because  ⅓ of the jobs in the county do not have pay that can support an individual to live on their own, because we have schools that need funding and kids that need to be prepared for the jobs of the future, and because we have too many places where safe sidewalks are needed but not present. The ever increasing rent cost in the county is one of the top things in his campaign platform. Many families feel that as the county is growing, they are left behind. He believes “too many people are in the unfortunate position where they have to choose between rent or food when last year they could afford both." Shabba feels excited and honored to be a candidate and hopes he can run on a message of unity and servant-leadership to guide solutions to local issues.

About Shabba