Oregon born

The oldest of three siblings, Shabba Woodley was never a stranger to working hard and supporting others. While living in New York, he was part of the first freshmen of Mott Hall High School, and a Lead Technician in a new district wide program called Mouse Squad. 

After the passing of his mother, Shabba along with his two brothers moved back to Oregon to live closer to family.Shabba started Madison High School his sophomore year. During this time, he worked two jobs and became part of the Madison High School football team and in his senior year, he was part of the team that brought home the P.I.L. Championship title. Also an avid participant in poetry, he competed in  poetry slams and helped teach poetry at Montavilla Community Center.

After going to college for a time, Shabba Woodley decided to work full time to take care of his youngest brother. Currently he lives in Beaverton and sits on the board of a Non-Profit as well as the current budget chair for  Congressional district 1  of the DPO. Shabba still spends his time as an M.C. for Madisons Poetry Slams and an organizer in the community.

Now, Shabba looks to compete to represent all of Washington County 

About Shabba